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Westfield Annapolis Shopping Mall
This is the largest shopping mall in the state of Maryland. Almost any major retail store imaginable can be found at this mall. There are more than 20 shops in all. There may be no better restaurant selection in any mall in the country. When customers get tired and want to take a break from shopping there are coffee shops, nearly every major fast food franchise, casual dining spots, fine dining restaurants, bars and more. There is no better place to start a shopping adventure in Annapolis than the Westfield Annapolis Shopping Mall.

Weekend Living
Located just across the street from the mall is a lady shopper's paradise. There are many trendy brand name fashions available here at discount prices. There is a fine jewelry selection available at Weekend Living. The housewares department has much to offer as well.

West Street
This up-and-coming neighborhood in downtown Annapolis has a wide range of fashion stores that cater to clothing shoppers. Astrid is one of the best fashion stores on West Street. It carries many obscure, sought after labels that are almost impossible to find anywhere else.

Main Street
Main Street crosses West Street and is another great place to look for designer clothing. There are also a lot of fantastic antique stores on Main Street. Many great fine dining establishments and hip clubs line Main Street, making it a great place to unwind after a hard day of shopping.

Maryland Avenue
As hard as it may be to believe, walking through the gates of the Unites States Naval Academy is a passport to the shopping adventure of a lifetime. Once through the gates, shoppers will find the streets of Maryland Avenue lined with some of the trendiest shops in Annapolis. There are boutique shops selling specialty items found nowhere else, many fashion designers, art galleries, furniture stores and hip home fashion dealers. Maryland Avenue is the place that the in-crowd heads to for a day of shopping in Annapolis.

Pennsylvania Dutch Farmer's Market
This is the best place to do food shopping in Annapolis. There are hundreds of little family-run shops that offer the best in homemade foods, crafts and furniture. Particularly amazing are the cheese stores, pretzel shop, butchers, candy makers and restaurants. This is the kind of place that families can go to and make a day of it. There are so many neat artisan food stores that all offer free samples.

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